This is where I share my heart through my writings. I love to blog because I am able to express my thoughts on paper.. well, on the web.

I've been blogging for a few years now and it's been great! I love to inspire people to dream big and work hard. I love to encourage people to never give up! Life can be tough at times, and an uplifting word at the perfect time can be a game changer in someone's life. I want this space to be a place where the you find refuge and comfort through the Word of God.  And I believe in blessing people so they too, can bless others. We all have gifts and talents that God wants us to use to honor His name and bless others. You may say, I don't know how to do anything. A smile, a Thank You, a "Please", a simple act of kindness can go a long way! Never underestimate yourself because you can bring joy and happiness to someone who needs it. I love to bless my readers with simple, everyday and relatable topics that will encourage them to keep moving forward. And you know what? I believe in you, I believe in your potential and I know you have it in you to change "your" world!

I will mainly be writing in English but some content will be in Español :)

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged!





Cuando nos silenciamos ante la presencia de Dios es ahí cuando El habla más fuerte y más claro.

Un devocional que alimentara tu fe en tres partes: Pensamientos. Poesías. Promesa

Dios ha diseñado un plan perfecto y un propósito específico para cada persona que ha decidido creer en Su Palabra. Este libro inspira a volver a soñar y a confiar en las promesas que Dios ha declarado.
Si has estado esperando respuestas de Dios y todavía no has escuchado nada, ¡baja el volumen, que todo a tu alrededor está muy alto! Él está tratando de susurrarte la respuesta a tu problema. Escucha, porque la solución quizás esté en el susurro.
Un Momento De Silencio te ayudara a descubrir tu propósito en Dios y definirá tu posición en El. Su contenido es luz en medio de la oscuridad y paz que calma la tempestad. Dios habla en el silencio, simplemente tenemos que escuchar. Un Momento de Silencio te dará dirección y claridad. No pierdas tu bendición por no saber distinguir la voz de Dios, esa voz que guía tu vida hacia el destino que Él ha preparado para ti.
En medio de tu circunstancia, el Señor te dice, ¨Yo tengo una solución. Tengo un propósito para tu vida y te lo quiero revelar en la quietud, dame Un Momento de Silencio.¨
¿Estás dispuesto a callar para escuchar?



A beautiful devotional book that will uplift your faith and will encourage you to continue believing in the promises God has made you. With your purchase today, you will receive an autographed book by the author!

(Read below a few lines of the book!)

God has designed a perfect plan and a specific purpose for each person who has decided to believe in His word. This book will inspire and allow you to dream and believe in the promises that God has declared. If you've been waiting for an answer from God and still haven't heard anything, lower the volume of the noise surrounding you! He is trying to whisper the answer to your problem. Listen, because the solution might be in the gentle whisper. A Moment of Silence will help you discover your purpose in God and will help you define your position in Him. Its content is light in the midst of darkness and a peace that calms the storm. God speaks in the midst of silence; we simply need to listen.