The Real Deal

Last week, my husband and I closed on our beautiful new home with the help of my brother/real estate agent, Ronny Perez. When I announced it on social media a few days ago, I mentioned that I would dedicate a blog under my Entrepreneur category so you all can get to know Ronny a little better. 

What I love most about him, aside from being my brother is his strong work ethics. He is a very determined person that marches at the beat of his own drum. Growing up, he would always say that he didn't want an 8-5 Corporate America job because he didn't want to ever feel stuck. He has always been a free-spirited, on the go type of person which makes him the perfect business-driven person. In his short career life as a real estate agent, he has helped dozens of families sell and purchase their homes. Being the dreamer that he is, he has not only limited himself to that but has also tapped into the realm of investments. 

From personal experience, I can say that Ronny has the qualities that a realtor needs to possess in order to succeed in this industry. He's smart, hardworking, dedicated, and genuinely cares for his clients needs. As his sister, he never stepped out of this professional role; on the contrary, I was his client until I was given the keys to my house- then we went back to our silly brother, sister relationship we have. Lol. His patience was the one of Job because many times I was very indecisive in this whole process, one day I wanted this but the next day I wanted that. Poor Ronny, he had to deal with my craziness at times. However, he really took the time to listen to my wish list as well as my husband's. And as a result of that, we were able to purchase the perfect home in which we will now be able to create unbelievable memories.

I am so proud of my brother, he is a humble, successful young entrepreneur that is simply in this business not only to make money but to truly help families get into the homes of their dreams.

Below is my interview with Ronny, I hope you all enjoy getting to know this gem of a person. Those of us who know him are blessed by him and those who will encounter him in the future will see what we all see in him. Below, I added a link so you can socially connect with him. However, if you need more info, feel free to contact me as well.


1. For those who don't know you, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm married to a beautiful woman, her name is Elissia and we have the coolest baby in the world, his name is Zion. I love God and I'm blessed with the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people everyday!  I'm just a guy who is excited for life and the journey my little family and I are on. 


2. What made you decide to go into the Real Estate industry? 

I've always had an interest in real estate and I saw how awesome it was to play a part in someone's journey, from purchasing their first home to selling their home for their growing family. The opportunity to work with people through this has always been something that I have wanted to be a part of. 


3. Aside from Real Estate, what other types of projects are you involved in? 

I'm blessed with the opportunity to work on investment properties. I work with homes that are in major need of TLC and I get to transform them into great homes for families. 


4. What is one of the goals you have set out to accomplish for the new year?

I would like to continue to grow the business and create even greater partnerships. 


5. As a young business man with an entrepreneurship mindset, what would you tell someone who has the desire to succeed in this industry but may not have the resources or connections to do so? 

I would definitely tell them to pray to God and ask him for his guidance. (I know, I know,  that sounds cliche or too spiritual, but hey it works!) God knows the desires of your heart, and he will lead you to the right relationships. He will send you to the right place, at the right time. I know God has certainly done that and continues to do that for me. Then I would tell them, don't be lazy or scared to put in the hard work. And always have an "I can" mentality.


To stay connected with Ronny, you can find him on


Be Encouraged, Be Blessed!