I AM is an annual bilingual Women's event held in Tampa, FL. and we are excited for this coming Night of Encouragement that will be held on Friday, January 13, 2017. This will be our fourth year hosting this event in which women from all walks of life join together for a night of hope and encouragement. The theme is Beauty from Ashes and I am believing God for great things. This will truly be a special night.

God sees beauty in our mess and writes a beautiful story that inspires people. You may find yourself in a season of chaos, where things don't necessarily make sense right now, but hang on tight because you will begin to see the pieces come together. And your struggles, your pain and your tears will one day be someone else's motivation.

Circumstances will remind us of how busy or how stressed we can be, but God's promises will always remind us of His peace in whatever situation you may be in. Remind yourself: 

  • I AM Beautiful even if I'm a mess.
  • I AM Loved even if I feel otherwise.
  • I AM Brave even if I am afraid.
  • I AM ______________ (insert your own).

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to record a few of my friends sharing their brave stories. They've all gone through different types of situations in their lives, but one thing they have in common is that they're story continues to impact the people around them. As each of them say, "I am beautiful and my ashes have now become my story" is a true testament of allowing God to take your mess (your ashes) and turn them into something beautiful and worthy of display.

As you take a look at this video which portrays the life of five young women, I want you to know that God can convert your mess into a message of hope, love and restoration. As I always say, there are so many people out there waiting to hear your story. Don't wait until your life is perfect to share it, our mess is beautiful!

If you enjoy this video, feel free to share with others so their stories can continue to inspire others. We would also love to read your comments below. And if you find yourself in the Tampa Bay area on Friday, January 13th, join us for this unbelievable Night of Encouragement where Gladys Pimentel will be sharing her incredible story. For more info, feel free to reach out to me.

Be Encouraged, Be Blessed!