Sky's The Limit

Today, I have a really special blog for you! I have a long time friend and sister as my guest blogger. She has completely taken control of today's post and she truly shares her heart with everyone. This is the first time she comes out public with a very personal situation and I just want to thank her for her bravery. The world needs to hear your story! 



My name is Sasha and I am 27 years old. I am the mother of Sky Imani, a super sassy and almost two year old baby girl. She was diagnosed at three months old with Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome. When I became pregnant I was so excited and full of so many hopes and dreams. I had it all planned in my head, everything was perfect (which still is but you know what I mean). Little did I know was that I would have to endure the hardest moment of my life and come to grips with such a life changing and pivotal moment.

My regular doctor's visits were normal until the day I was given the news that my blood work had triggered positive for Down Syndrome. I nearly lost it. My heart felt like it had literally left my body. The doctors told me that the test I took could have been incorrect due to a hormonal imbalance, that gave me a bit of hope. I prayed and prayed that it was all a bad dream and my Sky would be born without DS. Of course, that was not the case for me. I was given the option to terminate my pregnancy and eliminate my baby but NO, that wasn't even an option for me. I decided to keep my baby. I believed that God was going to do a miracle and that Sky was going to be born without DS. I knew and truly believed God had a plan for her life and there was a purpose in Him allowing me to go through this. He knew I could handle it. When Sky was born, the doctors still could not determine whether or not she had Down Syndrome. So many tests had to be done. I could not even enjoy my newborn to the fullest because my mind was distorted. Depression came over me.

Finally, after three months of being in complete denial and crying for days at a time, pleading and praying, begging God for a miracle every time a test was ran. It had been determined my Sky Sky really had Down Syndrome. This was something I kept hidden for a long time because I was scared of this world and the people in it and what they would say and think. Every time Sky had a doctor's visit I needed her father or someone to be there with me and gather everything the doctor would say because I would zone out and could not process what was being said. Again, I was in total disbelief. Not me, not my child, God why?!

Eventually, as time progressed I realized that it was real and that this would become my new normal. The more Sky saw doctors and therapists, the more it became real. It came to a point where I finally I had to gather myself, cry my last cry, put my gloves on and fight the good fight. I had to take charge and be the best advocate for my baby girl. I have truly discovered inner strength. Sky was and continues to be my little superhero.

Her father and I decided to name her Sky because we understand that with God, the sky's the limit; our little Sky's the Limit! Those who know me, know that its become her slogan. And as for Imani, the meaning is Faith. When we picked these names we didn't know anything regarding her diagnosis However, God works in mysterious ways and He has a way of orchestrating every detail to work out perfectly. God had perfectly hand-selected these names to match her. What I would like for everyone to understand is that Sky is not confined to a diagnosis, she is a child who knows no confinement. Just as we look up to the sky and see that there is no limit; I want to advocate that children with Down Syndrome should not be labeled nor recognized as such, they are all beautiful children of God with such an incredible gift. They teach us so much on a daily basis. They’re potential is limitless, like the sky. I see past her diagnosis and I speak life to her every single day. I love Sky with my life and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I have grown and matured so much, thanks to her.

God has helped me and has never left me, Deuteronomy 31:6 was the perfect verse that stuck with me through it all, and it continues to speak to me. It says, "Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you"What a beautiful and constant reminder that He is indeed with us, no matter the situation. It isn't easy but I see God's hand in everything and I am able to experience His peace that surpasses all understanding. I still get frustrated, I still have my weak moments but I am reminded that there is a bigger plan. So, I wipe my tears and keep on moving.

I have recently become very open about my daughter having DS thanks to God’s help, my family’s support and the inspiration of Super Model, Amanda Booth whose article about her having a son with Down Syndrome encouraged me to come out. I felt a great connection with her and her story, and the fact that she is in the fashion and beauty industry, which is what I plan to pursue gave me even more courage. It finally clicked, it doesn’t matter what my lifestyle or image is, under no circumstances, should I ever feel ashamed. This is my new normal, this is a lot of people’s normal and it is a part of my life and it was time for me to confidently embrace it. Recently, I have also become a part of a beautiful support group of young women who are also mothers with DS children called Chasing Destiny. This group has been a tremendous help for me while enduring this process, I am learning to become more comfortable with my new life. I have become very passionate about sharing my story because I want to be a voice for my daughter and other children. I want to inspire and encourage other young mothers that they too can and strive and make it. With God all thing are possible and the sky can be the limit for them too.

Thank you Landy for giving me this opportunity to become your guest blogger and for providing this platform for me to share my story and hopefully shine a light of hope to those who need it.

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I leave you with this song that helped me a lot through the darkest hours of my life. I hope it blesses you as it continues to bless me.


Peace and Love,

Sasha Castillo