Remember When

Yesterday we celebrated a holiday that we all look forward to every year. We enjoy this day because we don’t have to work, because it’s part of a long weekend, because it falls on a Monday and who wants to work on a Monday? It’s a day where we go to the beach, we grill, we spend time with friends and family and we simply enjoy the day. Who doesn’t love Memorial Day? We all do!

However, I can’t help to think that many of us have forgotten the real significance of this day. It’s a day in which we commemorate those who have served and sacrificed for the freedom of our country. If we are able to celebrate, have fun and enjoy this holiday is because of the courage of so many men and women that have put their lives in jeopardy for our freedom.

As I was thinking about Memorial Day and how we take it for granted and I was reminded that oftentimes we forget to commemorate what God has done in our lives. Allow me to explain: There are people enjoying the wonderful blessings that they’ve received and are delighted in their “answered prayers”. The family is great, health is good, they’re climbing the corporate ladder, dreams are coming true, financially speaking, things couldn’t be better. Life is great!

The only problem with this is that many seem to forget that once upon a time, things were not this great. Prayer life was more intense because the need was greater and required a divine intervention; but because now things are falling into place, you say “I don’t need to depend on God as much as I needed to in the past”. I am not saying to dwell in your past struggles; I am saying that when we are able to look back and remember where we were at, there will always be a song of praise in our lips for His goodness and mercy. I am saying that your level of appreciation for God and for life will be that much greater. Let’s take time to remember where He has pulled us from and thank Him for where we are today.

And there are people who are stuck in their current situation and see no way out. Life has been harsh. Maybe you’re reading this and can relate. You’re enduring a difficult season in your life where you’ve tried to make sense out of it all and it just doesn’t make sense. You cannot fathom why this is happening to you. It’s unexplainable; you cannot wrap your head around the idea that this is the life you have to live. So many questions and you cannot thoroughly understand anything. If this is you, this blog is for you. The Lord is telling you: “Remember When…” Remember 5 years ago when I came through for you? Remember when you were 16 and you were “stuck” and you thought it was the end of the world and I delivered you? Remember a couple months ago when you prayed for what seemed simple at the time but was so important to you and I answered? Remember when you received that unexpected phone call that just made your day? That was me, providing for you. Remember that envelope someone gave you and it had a check in it? I touched that person’s heart to give it to you. Remember how every month you don’t know how you will pay your bills but every month, you end up paying your bills and have a little extra? Remember when…………….

You see, when we remember what God has done for us in the past, we are encouraged for what He will do for us in the future. If you are at a crossroad in your life, God is telling you “Remember When”. I have not forgotten about what I did, nor have I forgotten about what I will do. If I remembered you yesterday, you’re on my mind today and I will remember you tomorrow. Celebrate Me. Honor Me. Remember Me.

Be Encouraged, Be Blessed!