This Too Shall Pass

We are almost at the half way point of 2018! Can you believe how quickly this year is passing by? I know that for many this hasn’t been the most welcoming year, for others it has been great but with little challenges along the way. I mean, if we were to have a perfect life, wouldn’t that be wonderful? However, that is not the case. We live in a world where challenges will make their grand entrance (uninvited) and we must be prepared to handle each and every one of them. If not, we will crumble at the face of adversity. Every. Single. Time. But there's good news, whatever we go through in life, it is certain that this too shall pass

Photo by: Helena Moore


there are seasons in life. Some harder and longer than others; 

nonetheless, it is temporary. You won't be stuck in it forever, this too shall pass. 

Singles: I know you want that special person to spend the rest of your life with. It’s hard being lonely, its hard being a “Godly single woman/man”, Shoot.. It’s hard waiting, period! I don’t care how spiritual you claim to be, IT IS HARD-Jesus, please take the wheel. If this is your story, you need to Worship while you wait and Work while you wait. You cannot have an idle mind because it can become a playground for the enemy. As singles, especially if you've been waiting for a minute or two, you are easily prone to fall for the first one who comes along whispering pretty things in your ear. You better shut that down really quick and make sure you're listening to the most important whisper of all, God's voice. He will whisper to your heart and soul and your ears, “He is the one, She is the one”. Can I get an Amen? Hold on a little longer, sumerge yourself in this season of single-hood because your life will change once you’re married. This too shall pass, just trust the process and most importantly, trust God because He knows what He is doing. Worship while you wait. Thank the LAWD for that man that will sweep you off your feet, for that woman that will drive you loco. Work while you wait because when God’s all of a sudden (my mom's favorite phrase) appears, may He find you ready. Ladies, get right for your man. Men, you better bring it! Y'all want to get married, make sure you're ready for marriage cuz ain't nobody got time to be engaged for like 7 years, especially if you're a grown man and woman. If you're still in school, take your time. If you're in your late 20's -30's, I assure you once that ring is on, its ... Friendo y Comiendo (frying and eating... sounds better in spanish but you know what I mean, its a drive-by type of situation. Why? Because you were Working while you waited and you trusted God to give you His best for your life. 

Married Couple: You’re married, yay! Then real life hits and you begin to really know who your spouse is. Novio es porque no vio. You come to really know your spouse in marriage and you begin to mesh together as one. It takes time and patience but oh, so worth it because you literally know that person inside out. So cool! You fall deeper in love and you come to know his/her strengths and weaknesses. What ticks him/her off and what makes them happy. You begin to dream and build your future together. Ah, the sky is the limit! Together you can conquer the world and there is no stopping you until…..


  • You hear the words: Infertility-You cannot have children (which is my case). And you begin to see your world crumble down and all of the hopes and dreams you had as a family begin to shatter. I can speak from experience, it is not an easy pill to swallow. This is my story and soon it will become my testimony. I know that I know that I know that this too shall pass. It’s only a season and God is eternal; seasons will pass, God always remains. So, I want to encourage couples that are going through infertility or any type of loss, even though your womb is empty, YOU ARE STILL FRUITFUL. You are not forgotten, you are loved and in Christ, you are made whole. You are more than enough!


  • Many couples are faced with health issues and it is in those times where you have to go back to your vows and remember what you said “in sickness and in health”. If that is you, remember this too shall pass. God is giving you the strength and courage to be strong for your spouse. You may not know how you are getting through it but each day you are. Life can be so unpredictable, we do not know what tomorrow will bring but we can be certain that God will be with us in our tomorrow. Take refuge in Him because this too shall pass and it will strengthen your relationship because it is in the bad times that you really come to know who is there with you and for you. 


  • Some are in a season of raising babies, single moms included. I know (well I don’t know but I can imagine) how exhausting and rewarding that must be all at once. I see my sister with her boys, 4 and 2 year olds and their energy level is on another level. I’ll have them for a couple of hours and boy oh boy, am I tired! Who needs a gym membership? And to see that my sister (to see that you) get to do that every single day, day in and day out is nothing but stellar! Lets take a moment and give them a round of applause, they are mommy heroes. (Seriously, did you clap? They deserve it.) It’s like an eternal exhaustion that doesn’t fade until they’re 18, but if you’re Hispanic, its probably until you’re 38. (Not joking)... Seriously, if you're a mom reading this, I just want to encourage you today that this too shall pass. The reward will super-exceed the sleep depriving nights. Once your kiddos start school, it will get a little better. You’ll be able to sleep a little longer and have less coffee. In the meantime, Starbucks will continue to be your best friend and Target will be your therapy. When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, go back to my first point and remember that you are BLESSED, your womb has been chosen to carry those precious children of yours and many women (like me) would die to be in your position and have a best friend like Starbucks and a therapist like Target. I mean, I still have coffee and go to Target but … you know what I mean. Life will get easier and God will continue to give you the wisdom on how to balance your life as a wife, mom, professional all the while achieving your dreams. Moms, just because you’re raising kids does not mean your dreams and personal goals are doomed. I’ve seen it done, I know you have too. Cling to people who will motivate, push and encourage you. God will give you the strength and the wisdom to get it done. But most importantly, remember to embrace this season of life because your kids will grow up so fast and you will never get that time back again. Close your eyes and take a breather, this too shall pass.


No matter what stage in life you find yourself in, whether you’re single, going to school and trying to figure out your life or if you’re married (divorce, single parent) with a family remember that there are seasons in life. Some harder and longer than others; nonetheless, it is temporary. You won't be stuck in it forever, this too shall pass. Embrace it, learn from it and when its time to move on, you’ll walk away with valuable life lessons that will help you get through the next season that already awaits you around the corner. How are you coping with the season you're in right now? Share your comments below.


Be Encourage, Be Blessed!